Book and Travel Museum

If we didn’t have libraries, many people thirsty for knowledge would dehydrate. Megan Jo Tetrick

The Museum traces the evolution of the printed and written word, different forms of books from around the world and the development and importance of books for human civilization.

The museum represents foreign countries and cultures, primarily through their books.

Among other things, our permanent exhibition includes: 

Books made of bamboo sticks,
 a book of jungle magic, originally from the Indonesian ‘Batak’ tribe, with palm leaf pages and covers made from bones, a book made from elephant dung,
 an edible book made of rice,
 a book printed on high quality silk, tools for carving a book from teak wood, originally from Myanmar, hundreds of miniature books, the smallest of which measures only 3.5 millimetres, books with carved wooden covers,
 books, from a variety of Asian and African tribes, with teak wood pages and handmade paper, Buddhist prayer books from Tibet, with marble covers, or from Mongolia, with jade ornamentation ...